[App] Notifications History Vault


Hello guys,
I just released the beta version of my new app,  looking to get constructive feedback please.
Notification Vault Beta is an app that stores all your incoming notifications. There are cases when we accidentally clear all our notifications without attending to all of them, how do we know which app had sent us notifications ? Thats how Notifications Vault comes in, it will store all your notifications for you to review at a later date.

24 or 12 hour timezone

Prioritize notifications with alert

Notification Grouping

Notification Sorting

Delete all

Delete individual notifications / Group

And many more to come!

Notification Vault also gives you the ability to prioritize specific notifications, for example; if you have a Smart Smoke detector in your home, outside camera with motion detector etc, you can use notification Vault to prioritize notifications from that app, so when your phone receives an alert you will hear a loud alarm sound which indicates that your phone just received a notification from your Smoke detector etc.
Download your copy: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.andre3.notificationprioritizer


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Added new features, you can now view multi notifications in separate window. Fixed crashing bugs on 8.0, added filter to search