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[App] [Paid] Copy paste any text as long as you can see it on your screen!

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by TheSimplestNet, Nov 30, 2013.

  1. TheSimplestNet

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    Read the 3rd party website review here: apps400.com/android-apps/ocr-instantly-free-convert-image-to-text-offline.html

    Just wanted to share a new app that I uploaded to Google Play store.

    App Name: OCR Instantly Free

    Tag Line: Snap a picture and instantly convert printed text to digital, editable text!

    The strong point that seperate this app from other similar OCR apps are below:
    1) Offline processing, no internet connection required after initial download.
    2) Very simple user interface
    3) Photo enhancement feature that reduces noise from images (none of the other OCR apps I tried have this feature)


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  2. TheSimplestNet

    Thread Starter

    Just wanted to share a new app that I uploaded to Google Play store.

    App Name: Copy Paste Any Text Instantly

    Tag Line: Frustrated because you can't copy some text to clipboard although it looks like it could? This is the app for you - a universal copy and paste solution for Android!

    Strong points compare to similar apps:
    1) Root is NOT required
    2) No complicated setup procedures - some apps require user to connect the device to a PC, download some drivers and go through a set of instructions (often painful) to enable auto screenshot. This procedure has to be repeated every time the device reboots.
    3) Not running as background service - launches only when you need it.
    4) Nothing in notification bar - some apps adds an unremovable notification in notification bar.
    5) No internet connection required after initial download.
    6) Landscape mode is fully supported.

    Weak points:
    1) Doesn't take screenshots automatically
    2) Screenshots were left in device, requires manual deletion.
    3) URLs don't copy well

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