app request - use phone as bluetooth keyboard and/or mouse (without client software).


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I'd like to use my phone as a bluetooth keyboard for my ps3. hardware wise it should be possible. Anyone heard any way to make this happen or any apps?
Unfortunately everything in the Google Play store requires a client server app and for the most part they all suck. All I want is a direct connection between my Android Tablet and Android Phone without the middle-man involved so that I can use my phone as a mouse without having to go purchase hardware - also, some users have reported issues with spyware from the client apps and in particular browser hijacking is an issue when it's downloaded on a PC.


Hi, Yeoman Droid, I've been looking for the same thing - how to control one Android device from another. I've just come across Limitless Remote which looks as if it might be the thing I've been looking for. It certainly works for my Android phone controlling my Windows XP PC wirelessly (they are on the same LAN). I'm just waiting for my wife to finish with our tablet to check out Android to Android.


I've now installed Limitless Remote Service on my tablet and my phone running Limitless Remote works fine as a mouse, keybord, media controller, voice to text input etc. I'm doing it wirelessly with them both on the same LAN but it claims to support Bluetooth as well. The only disadvantage for some will be that the tablet (i.e. the controlled device) has to be rooted for it to work.