Apr 19, 2010
So... I just rooted and installed the Plain Jane ROM. After downloading my apps from the market, I went to eStrongs File Manager to restore the app backups. It doesn't appear that any of them will restore. An example of this is my password manager. I was able to choose restore of this apk... but when opening the app, it's like I am starting from scratch. Is there any way to restore these manually? eStrongs File Manager also gives me access to the device... but I can't seem to find the directory that these apks go in.

Thanks for any insight.
I have a few questions regarding SD card partitioning that I hope I can find insight to:

I have rooted, backed up SD to computer, partitioned card (so I thought), flashed xtrrom 3.0.3 and all seems to be running well except ...

1) When reading my card it says that I have the same amount of space and I cannot view partitions

2) How do I restore my apps?

3) Do I need to re-partition my card again?

Thank you