App size and update question

When you update a 30MB app and the new update is let's say 32MB, does that app now take up 62MB of space on your phone? Or does the update simply overwrite the old and it only uses 32MB of space? I've always wondered this but never asked anyone. Thanks for any replies!


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It overwrites it mate :thumbup:
My brother actually asked this the other day lol.
Google have introduced a way for devs to put out an update that just changes what has to be changed to save time and data but ive never seen it implimented tbh


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Properly it will replace the old version. Sometimes Android doesn't clean up properly and you might end up with a copy of the old one wasting space somewhere.

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Some tell you. Sky Safari just put out a huge update. Warned you to use a good wifi connection if you didn't have unlimited data. Downloaded, then before installation, told you it was replacing many old files with new. Since it was over 11,000 files -----

I wish a lot of the larger apps were this considerate. I have a few with large databases.