[App suggestions] Which print app are you using ?


I just got a new canon printer and was wondering what print apps you are using.
Any tips are greatly appreciated (-:


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I've been printing through Google Cloud Print. There's a third-party app called Cloud Print here. That's the one I've been using. When I went to look for it to make the link in the previous sentence, I discovered that Google has their own app, also called Cloud Print.

The third-party app has worked flawlessly on both my phone and my tablet. It adds an entry in the share options. So when you share a document or something and choose Cloud Print, it magically appears on the Canon printer on my desk. You do have to set up Cloud Print beforehand through Google.

I just downloaded Google's version of the app, though it's hard to guess how it might be better than the other one.


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Printer Share - was free on amazon a while ago, and again just recently. might still be. it's one of like 4 apps that i use from amazon, and largely the reason i keep the amazon appstore around (wtf is an "update all" button? amazon sure doesn't know)


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Cloud Print by Google. It works, plus you can have shared printers with work groups so its convenient. My mom for example isn't really tech savvy, so I just get the bills online for her and print them via cloud print to her printer. She's about 80miles from where I rent near school. Just one click. Basically using Cloud Print, you can print from any Android device or computer you have to any printer you have in your work group as longbas it's online.


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A sort of side note for those using Cloud Print:

After I wrote the post a couple above, I tried to test Google's version of Cloud Print. It said it was sending the document to the printer, but nothing printed. Then I tried the third-party Cloud Print. Same thing. I went into Cloud Print on my computer (the one the printer is connected to) and it said all my print options were offline.

The solution was to start Chrome on the PC. Just started it and the documents came rushing out. (I normally use Firefox.)