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[App] TextSecretary! Away Message with widget.

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Faktor4, Feb 21, 2011.

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    Jan 4, 2011

    Jan 4, 2011

    TextSecretary, is a brand new application, that allows you to set a system wide "away message"! At a meeting? In class? At work? Trying to drive safely? Just dont feel like talking? TextSecretary allows you to enter a custom message, and have it immediately reply to any incoming text messages.

    Sounds great doesn't it? Guess what.... It gets even better. The application even has a widget! So becoming unavailable is just a tap away.


    • Home screen widget for quickly switching between "Away" and "Available".

    • View your current status and applied message in your notification tray.

    • Option to automatically silence or vibrate your phone when you are "away".
      (you can also set it to do nothing)

    • Volume options for when you become "available".

    • Toggle Away/Available feature in the Application. (Easier to use widget for quick, on-the-go switching.
    • Save messages, and be able to quickly select one for, fast, on the go, message changing.
    • Option to enable an Auto Response Timer.
      ( When active, TextSecretary will only reply once every 15 minutes, per person)
    • Option to Hide the ongoing Notification.
    • Option to add a notification to the sender. When active, " (TextSecretary Autoresponse) " is added to the end of your away message.
    • Option to add a notification to the sender to let them know that they will not receive another autoresponse for another 15 minutes.
    • Saved messages will appear in the spinner, listed by the name you give the message.
      (Example- Name: Driving
      Message: I am currently driving, I will get back to you as soon as possible.
    • More features coming soon!



    Scan this code to download NOW:

    Link to the market:
    Click here


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