Feb 24, 2010
My camera app on my X2 refuses to work. It continues to force close and I don't wanna reset it because its running CM7. I'm using an app called Vignette that allows me take pictures with the back camera. Is there an app in the market that will allow me to take pics using the front camera? How about videos?
You don't need to download an app my friend, when you go on to camera there's a button that switches to the front camera, I think its the first option?
yes like jackdsparker94 said there is no need to an app .

A simple reboot is always my first line of defense with a bug... reboot; its some kind of stupid but it works with me many times I'm not sure if that's really necessary, but, I never have any problems with my camera.

also the documentation that came with your phone suggests you shut it off for one minute every day so for me i shut off my phone every day in the class, and turn it back on when I finish

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