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Looking for apps to customize my rooted phone like change shapes of apps or the change the color of the boxes and stuff like that thanks oh and Btw I have a htc evo 4g lte


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Like change the shape like from a square to like a circle and like for example change the color of the Facebook app the blue part change that color


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Try searching the Play store for icon packs or free icons. There are loads of icons available to download, free and paid but be careful because some icon packs are only compatible with certain launchers.

Are you using a launcher?

Also have a look through this section of the forum, lots of icon packs and the like in there.

Android Themes - Android Forums

Hope that helps ;)


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Me too, majority of icons are compatible with Nova.

After you download some icons you can long press the app icon > Edit > tap the app icon > that will open up all your downloaded icon packs > then you can look through all your icons and choose what one you want to use.

You can mix and match icons from different packs individually if you wish or apply the whole pack to all of your app icons.


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Is your phone rooted?

I think to change status bar colour etc you need root access, don't quote me on that though :p maybe someone can tell you how to do it without root access ;)

EDIT Just re read your OP, so you are rooted ;)

Your best bet is to find the htc evo 4g lte section of forum and ask in the root sub section about colour of status bar etc ;)


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On a rooted phone, without doubt the best way to customise everything is do a search for "Xposed Installer", download it and install it then download "modules" within it. Xblast is a good module for customising stuff

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Nova Launcher lets you change the folders from circles, to squares, to triangles too I believe. I know on the latest beta you can also change the transparency and color :)

Might I also add this is all achieved without root.