App to cycle BT on/off


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I know there are widgets to turn BT on/off manually.

I'm looking for an app that, when run, will turn it on, then off, then on again (or something similar).

I have found that, if I do this manually with my official 2.1 Hero, I can connect properly in my car. So, it would be nice to automate it.



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Hmm....Not sure about an app that will "double toggle" Bluetooth twice in a row as you could try and get someone to write a script for that?

There's a couple of other apps to consider that aren't really what you're looking for but might help...

Bluetooth Power Profile, which turns on Bluetooth if your phone is plugged into your charger (i.e., plug it in to your car and Bluetooth turns on)

BTCall - Blutooth auto on/off, which turns on Bluetooth only when you're making a call. Skeptical of this, though, because your phone probably won't connect to your car instantly and you'll be in the middle of the call by the time it gets around to connecting.


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Thanks. I saw both of those.

Not sure BT Power Profile will help me much, as I don't always plug in in my car.

I tried BTCall when I had 1.5 running. You're right, it didn't work well. Everything went to vmail before I could answer. (I have since loaded AutoBT, which is similar, but haven't had a chance to test it yet. Need someone to call me when I am in my car and not already connected!)

I also just installed In-App Bluetooth Toggle, which allows you to press/hold the search key at any time to toggle BT. This is helpful, but still not quite there.

Know anyone that writes scripts?