App to raise money quickly?


Android Expert
Epic Radio, a online radio station, is closing down soon due to a lack of funding. I wanted to ask if there was a way to make a quick app that will raise money to help the radio station stay online.
Obvious thoughts are ads, but is there a way for example to make an app which just links to a website and plays the live radio?

Unless just a simple app with ads will work, but I'm completely knowledge free in terms of app making, but I have a few ideas. If anyone is interested, pm me.

Any other suggestions?


Hey I'm willing too help, not totally sure on your requirements mind, I can see your tryin too save a 'local' radio station, no offence but I don't think an app will cover it. Send me an email with more details if you have any and we can go from there :) hope I can help


Are you thinking of a radio app that has a banner ad on it? They are fairly simple to do. Not sure if it would save the station though.


I have a radio app that I had been messing about with for fun. I could re-purpose it for this station but I can't do anything until January.