App to remotely control music on my android phone using another device?


Nov 3, 2020
I've searched high and low but cannot seem to find an app that will help in my situation. I have a primary phone ("S2") which I want to use to play music on my second phone ("V20") on the same network. I am not trying to cast music from one device to another, but rather use my S2 as a remote to play music locally stored on my V20.
Are there any simple, music apps that can do this? It seems like really simple functionality but it must not be a common request since I cannot find any software to do this.
Think you need a player app that can be remotely controlled by another Android device. The only two I know that can do that are Kodi and VLC, both of which have companion remote control apps. Although they're primarily video players, they can do music as well.
The only app I know which meets your requirements is SoundSeeder.SoundSeeder helps the user to listen to music via multiple devices at once. Hope this will be helpful for you. You can check it on Google Playstore
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