app to take screenshots instead of regular methods..


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my mom has NON rooted Galaxy S3

the big rubber case i gave her has 1/3 of an inch edge .. making it tricky to use the hand slide to take the screenshot

and her home button is a bit broken .. (+ bulky case) making it bad to take screenshots .. using home+power

hmmmm i wish there was an easier way .. like pulling down the notification and selecting "take a screenshot"

was that so hars to add such a feature ..

i guess due to OS security it is not possible to make such an app on non rootes phones?

i tries apps like

to no avail :/

maybe aomeone knows some app

or can recommend something?

thank you..
If you have root download xposed installer this application has several modules that allows you to put a screen shot option in the power menu. So when you hold down your power on and off button you will see a option for screen shot. For non root you can Google your phone and find other ways because usually there's a combination of buttons to press all at once to capture a screen shot.