App To Verbally Announce GPS Coords Over Phone?


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You just bit the big one on your mountain bike and you're laying there on the forest floor unable to walk - and unable to see much because your glasses went somewhere else on the way down.

You're trusty phone, however, is working.

You call 911... or the ranger's office... or somebody you can depend on.... or whoever.

"What is your location?"....


What would be really useful is a little app that, when started, just says your GPS coordinates over-and-over..... preferably in such a way as to be maximally understandable over a phone. No user interaction except to tap the icon... then it just starts yakking away and doesn't stop.

Seems logical.....

Anybody heard of such a thing?


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I was under the impression that 911 calls automatically invoked GPS and sent the coordinates, but I guess maybe your coordinates that are provided to the authorities are only estimated by triangulation from the cell towers. Apparently by 2018 all cell phones will be required to send real GPS coordinates during 911 calls.

Your app idea is interesting, but if the app repeatedly spoke your GPS coordinates, then it could interfere with any other critical information that you wanted to convey unless you could somehow get it built-into the dialer. If you were healthy enough to dial 911 and speak, then I would think you'd be healthy enough to tap a GPS app icon (like Ulysee Gizmos) and report your coordinates to the 911 center.

FYI: My home ski resort has an app with an emergency button that turns on GPS and sends your coordinates to ski patrol dispatch via text message. It would be nice if the 911 call centers had such a way to accept text messages.