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[APP] touchBoost: Car Turbo

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by theInfected1, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. theInfected1

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    Ever dream of turbocharging your ride? Dream no more!

    touchBoost can help you experience the fun and thrills of having a turbo on your vehicle. Actual horsepower increases may vary… ;)

    Now available on Google Play.



    *** touchBoost Features ***

    REAL TURBO DYNAMICS - Step foot on the gas and hear the whine of your turbine as your turbo spools up building boost. Release the pedal and let the whoosh of your blow-off valve excite all your driving fantasies. This is as real as it gets!

    FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE GAUGES - Create up to 81 different gauge combinations. Ever wonder how a boost gauge would look with a Brushed Aluminum face and Pink backlights? Wonder no more! Pick your favorite gauge material and glow and watch your boost gauge come to life!

    ANALOG AND DIGITAL READOUTS - Why settle for one or the other? Have the best of both worlds with boost gauges displaying both traditional needle swings and numbered readouts. Choose from both kPa and PSI units depending on where in the world your sweet ride may be.

    RECORDABLE BOV SOUNDS - Looking for something truly unique? touchBoost's Custom BOV feature allows you to record your own blow-off value sound. Get a clip off a classic japanese import or go for something funny like a duck quack. The possibilities are endless!


    Preview video for touchBoost can be found on Youtube. touchBoost: Car Turbo - Preview

    Don't wait! Turbocharge your ride today! Life is better turbocharged!

    Created by touchInteractive Studios - Keep touchIn!

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  2. blow offroid

    blow offroid Newbie

    Blow offroid dream come very very true...thank you thanks thankyouuuu..i already buy it...and it is awesome...
  3. theInfected1

    theInfected1 Lurker
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    touchBoost v1.2 is now available on Google Play featuring 3 new unique gauge styles!


    **************** NEW GAUGE STYLES ****************
    Wood - A sweet retro style that adds class to any ride!
    Chrome - Some virtual bling to match your virtual turbo!
    Glass - This is what gauges of the future should look like!

  4. YYHO

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