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[App] WhenDidI - Keep a log of all your important events

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by eworldtech, Sep 29, 2012.

  1. eworldtech

    eworldtech Member
    Thread Starter

    WhenDidI is an application to help you keep track of events.

    Events can be simple counters that let you, for example, log when you went for a haircut, feed the baby or took the dog for a walk.
    You can also track expenses, like how much you have been paying for lunch each day.
    If your on a diet, you can log how much calories you have been eating, or how many miles of exercise you have been doing on the treadmill.


    • Fully customizable
    • Unlimited Events
    • Unlimited Topics
    • Unlimited Measurements
    • ICS look on 2.2+ android phones
    • Multiple home screen widgets
    • Charts

    The Google Play link for the paid version


    The Google Play link for the trail version (limited events)

    WhenDidI Lite

    Some screenshots here

    main.png charts.png events.png widgets.png

    Would appreciate any feedback.


  2. eworldtech

    eworldtech Member
    Thread Starter

    *Update to Version 1.1.0 *
    Implemented backing up to Dropbox. Accessible from the main screen by clicking the menu button.
  3. eworldtech

    eworldtech Member
    Thread Starter

    v1.1.1 update
    Clicking on the left side of the widget brings up events management screen
    Changed text from topics to categories
    Give warning on back button pressed, when changes are made in add/edit event screens. Enable in settings.
    Increase size of Cancel/Add buttons
    Warning dialog when restoring files from dropbox
  4. Shinji01

    Shinji01 Well-Known Member

    Dec 13, 2011
    i love this app. You will never know how useful it is until you have one.
  5. eworldtech

    eworldtech Member
    Thread Starter

    v1.2.0 update
    Events can now be shared using standard Android share button. For example you can send a csv attachment via email. See Setting for share options.
  6. eworldtech

    eworldtech Member
    Thread Starter

    1.3.0 update
    Can add notes to events.
    Displays days elapsed since last category event in categories view
  7. eworldtech

    eworldtech Member
    Thread Starter

    Version 1.4.0 update

    • When adding a new event, the date and time can be edited. This feature is enabled in settings.
    • Long clicking now brings up action bar in categories, events and measurements list screens.
    • Clicking on an item in the categories list will display the events list.
    • Minutes and hours are now displayed correctly in the charts.
    • Modified the layout of add categories dialog so that quantity measurement type selection is more obvious. Stops users accidentally setting the quantity to duration.
  8. eworldtech

    eworldtech Member
    Thread Starter

    Watson is a multiple stopwatch and timer application using an intuitive page view layout. Each page can represent a different category, e.g. cooking, exercise, work, games.

    There is no limit to number of pages you can have, and you can place multiple stopwatches or timers per page. You can start, stop each stopwatch or timer individually, or all at the same time. Each stopwatch or timer can be easily identified as you can set a unique title for each one.

    Stopwatches and timers are stored in a database, so you can exit the application, even reboot your phone or tablet they will still be running when you start the app again. The application does not use a service, so there no battery drain when the application is not in view.

    You can also publish you stopwatch times to the whendidi application, letting you gather a history of your timings, and making it easy to track your progress.

    Note this application is ad-supported, which can be removed by purchasing the WatsonKey.

    Feature List

    • Multiple pages
    • Multiple stopwatches per page
    • Multiple timers per page
    • Set the title to each stopwatch or timer for easy identification
    • Start all stopwatches or timers at the same time
    • Reset all stopwatches or timers at the same time
    • Pause all stopwatches or timers at the same time
    • Publish your stopwatch times to the whendidi application
    • Optional tenths of a second.
    • Stopwatches and timers are backed up to a database, so they will survive a reboot

    Download from Google Play Store


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  9. eworldtech

    eworldtech Member
    Thread Starter

    Version 1.5 Update

    NEW Statistics - Gathers statistics for an event category. Shows daily, weekly, monthly averages and totals for quantities and cost.

    NEW Summaries - Shows summary information for an event category such as the cost and quantity averages, totals and the largest and smallest values. Days since you last did that event and the average time between events.
  10. eworldtech

    eworldtech Member
    Thread Starter

    Version 2.0.0 Update

    New look and icons.

    NEW Quick links, short cuts to your favourite functions.

    Backup screens now show details of previous backup. Note backups from an older version of WhenDidI will be displayed as unknown until you do another backup with this version.

    Clicking on a row in the Statistics section will display only the events for that particular period.

    Clicking on middle area of widget adds the event without an input screen. Enable/disable in settings.

    mainactivity.png quicklinks.png
  11. Unforgiven

    Unforgiven -.. --- - / -.. .- ... ....

    Jun 23, 2010
    Douglas, MA
    Merged per the "one thread per dev" policy.:)

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