Accessories Apparently, I need a better car charger


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I just got back from a 6 hour round trip road trip. I figured it would be a trial by fire for my DInc as a camera and a GPS unit. As a camera, it functioned admirably. I was thrilled with it. As a GPS unit it worked tolerably except that it drained the battery even though it was plugged in the entire time. The battery was halfway dead by the time I got to my destination and after 3 hours of taking pictures, it was a 15%. I was able to turn off Bluetooth (which I would like to have while I'm driving and using the unit as a GPS of course), and automatic syncing and get it to charge somewhat while I was driving. 3 hours later, it was at 50%. I realize that GPS is a battery hog, but is it really that big of a hog? I was hoping to get to my destination with a full battery. Are all car chargers like this, or did I just get a lemon? Should I abandon my hopes of using my DInc as a GPS unit in the car?


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You need one that follows a new standard allowing the Inc to charge faster than 500mA. Try out the car charger for the LG Dare. People on here have used it with great success.

I personally take my inverter with me and plug in the wall charger that came with the phone. Good luck draining the battery when you have a full 1000mA of current going to it.


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I don't know about those reviews, but it worked fine for me. Not sure why it wouldn't work. All you do is plug the USB cord into it.


Found a Micro USB car charger at my local Fry's today for $3.99. Surprisingly it shows up as "AC charging" in battery info when plugged in. Must be giving the full allowable juice to charge.

Shipping is only $2. May not be the highest quality but it works.
Link: Bytech 5865763