Help Appbrain angry birds update

I haven't been able to update my angry birds to the new version. The market doesn't even show that an update is available, but the appbrain app does. When i try to install, 'the requested item could not be found'. Anyone have any ideas?


Android Expert
That's just odd the market shows the update when I go to my apps.

You could always try to uninstall and then reinstall. I had to do that with a couple apps that failed to complete the update.


Android Expert
Something is up with your market cause I just tried 2 different phones and both show angry birds in the market.

Did you try going back to appbrain to see if you can get it from there now


Maybe try clearing your cache for your Market app. Settings=>Applications=>Manage Applications=>Market=>Clear Cache. I've not had this problem, but clearing the cache may help.