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Appears 26th of may...

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Haxcid, May 17, 2011.

  1. Haxcid

    Haxcid Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

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  2. jinwons

    jinwons Android Expert

    I saw somewhere it will be going with 249. I'm not too worried about xda support. Bing on Fascinate didn't stop them from developing ton of ROMs for it. I don't like having to deal with Bing either, but it can be done. Plus LG wouldn't put any restriction to get in the way of rooting unlike Motorola, HTC.
  3. tekkitan

    tekkitan Lurker

    The Fascinate is terrible. Sure they created Froyo roms for it, but there was almost no dev interest and there was always something not working in the roms (usually MMS, Bluetooth audio and camcorder). I have the Fascinate for work and we just got the official Froyo update last month. Ever since updating, my phone has been slower and freezing up. Not to mention all other SGS phones have had Froyo for months, I blame Verizon and Bing integration for all the problems with this phone.

    So I am not feeling all warm and fuzzy about the Revolution unfortunately. My boss is buying me a new phone and I have to decide what I want. I do not want another Verizon bastardized phone.
  4. sean76

    sean76 Android Expert

    I really like the look of the phone...and the hardware looks to be pretty much on point...but I just don't like Bing at all...and I'm not completely sold on LG yet...Yes the G2x looks awesome...but that's a whole different beast.
  5. rushmore

    rushmore Extreme Android User

    It would be a lot easier for folks, if knew:

    1. When the tiered data will kick in (then know how long before needing to purchase)
    2. Will unlimited be grandfathered (contrary to assumptions, this is new territory for VZW and nobody knows except VZW finance and marketing)?

    My guess is if a person buys another discounted device, they will be subject to the change. This means the total cost of 4G verses full overpriced retail devices becomes very muddy.

    Most people will relent and end up with tiered and some bail from VZW.
  6. rtm0004

    rtm0004 Well-Known Member

    The uncertainty of when tiered data will begin is the main reason I am looking at 4g phones right now.

    I still have my DInc and it's running strong but I don't want to get stuck in tiered data and hopefully will get grandfathered in
  7. rushmore

    rushmore Extreme Android User

    You have unlimited 3G with better battery life, so still have that (worse case, assuming grandfathering happens).

    I think people assuming 4G unlimited now means for good, may be a pipe-dream.
  8. rtm0004

    rtm0004 Well-Known Member

    yea, it's just the uncertainty of when/cost of tiered data; I don't even use that much, I just don't want one more thing to worry about. It seems data pricing is going backwards ie started tiered...went to unlimited...now going back to tiered

    my luck; I'll upgrade (at a discount and still save my last NE2) and then still get stuck with tiered data

    I almost got the TB, then almost got the Inc2 (bc I'm not in a 4g area), considered the charge for about 30 minutes, now am looking at this phone

    I'm just weighing my options and hope I make the right decision at this point

    I think I am going to get in on unlimited 4g for $30 bc I'm pretty sure that will be a thing of the past; but if I don't get grandfathered into unlimited, I may not even get to use the 4g bc I really don't think they will have the whole country in WORKING 4g in 2 years like they say

    Sooo confusing, wish vzw would come clean about this tier crap

    oh, and I'm not crazy about bing...doesn't make sense, buying a google phone without google software
  9. rushmore

    rushmore Extreme Android User

    True DAT on the Bing thing :(
  10. jinwons

    jinwons Android Expert

    It looks like Revolution is hitting stores on May 26th as reported before.
  11. Not pleased about Bing but suppose I can deal with it or work around it.

    I was holding out for a dual core, but am deciding to suck it up and get a 4G phone now while data isn't tiered. After a few days of contemplating 4G vs. Dual Core I came to the conclusion that I really have no needs that would require dual.

    Looking to get revolution (I've liked LG's phones in the past), but want to compare it to TB. For some reason VZW's advertising really turned me off the TB.
  12. Raptor007

    Raptor007 Newbie

    I have to agree with you, having Bing on your phone is like having your parents chaperone you on a date when you 30.

    I can say having owned the TB for about 5 weeks (launch day until I sold it) it is having a lot of issues including battery life, rebooting problems, BT issues. Things I just could not live with. I know I can load Google Search, Maps, all of the Google stuff and either remove or ignore Bing. Just because it's there doesn't mean I have to use it.
  13. rushmore

    rushmore Extreme Android User

    The one and only "good" thing about bing is the thumbnail image layout for web search. Google image search would be better (IMO) with it.
  14. rushmore

    rushmore Extreme Android User

    No word yet on the Rev. Seems odd, even for VZW if the 26th.
  15. navigatn

    navigatn Newbie

    $5 says the 26th aint happening.
  16. rushmore

    rushmore Extreme Android User

    Seems a safe bet ATM.


    That we lost. I posted a new thread based on holding a retail unit at VZW today.
  17. rushmore

    rushmore Extreme Android User

    I was in VZW testing out the DX2 (nice device) and I was kindly shown the LG Revolution that came from a shipment today from Fedex.

    Units are being delivered to stores this week and most corporate store management were trained on it last week. Expectations are the 26th.

    I got to hold it and see the set-up screen, but stores can not activate the devices until VZW corporate notifies them, so can't get past that ATM.

    *Better build than the TB, but about same footprint.
    *The display does not appear to be an IPS panel, but is standard LCD.
    *Will know nothing else until can actually test the device

    Will not judge the display yet, since could not get past the set-up or emergency call screen. It does seem that the DX2 display looks better, but could be due to auto-brightness, if set on the Rev by default. The DX2 display surprised me in a good way.


    I am about 80% that it is not an IPS display. Even when lower brightness on my iPod 4, I can tell it is an IPS, due to the angles.
  18. jinwons

    jinwons Android Expert

    I don't care how it's called on spec for display. What matters is it will look brighter, higher contrast, richer color than SLCD on Tbolt. SLCD on HTC is looking crisp, but too dim low contrast outdoors and colors are dull.
  19. rushmore

    rushmore Extreme Android User

    I only saw the display with the set-up and emergency call screen. I can say that it does not have the same viewing angles as my iPod 4 and the DX2 seemed to have better angles.

    Not fair though, since only saw with a few screens and no way to get to settings. I thought the DX2 display looked very good and was pleased how games, video and the web looked on it.

    Perhaps tomorrow they can activate the Revs so we can test them out :)
  20. Haxcid

    Haxcid Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    The Dx2 is a qHD screen which is always going to look better than the sled screen found on the Rev and Tbolt.

    Tough choice...

    Rev - 4G/Decent hardware/Battery Life???
    Charge - 4G/Decent hardware/Good Battery/Ugly shape
    Dx2 - No 4G/Great hardware/Great Batter/ Ugly Shape
    Dinc2 - No 4G/Decent Hardware/Great battery/Great Shape

    man this is gonna be tough.
    if only the dx2 had lte.
  21. rushmore

    rushmore Extreme Android User

    Ditto on the LTE, but no harm no foul ATM (for me), considering the immature network, stability and battery issues. Not to mention a while before my market sees it.

    I actually prefer the DX2 build and shape:

    1. The shape makes it easier to operate with one hand
    2. The top chin provides a rest point to better hold with one hand

    I have average sized man hands, so the the Charge, Rev and TB are more awkward when operating with one hand. If I had bigger hands (or longer fingers), no harm no foul.
  22. jinwons

    jinwons Android Expert

    Moto's screen is brighter than HTC but otherwise similar in my view. LG's screen will look similar to Moto in brightness but better in contrast, color. How good, deep is black screen looking on DX2?
  23. rushmore

    rushmore Extreme Android User

    The Rev looked like a super lcd and did not have angles for an IPS. I think you may be let down, due to this. No such thing as true blacks on anything but amoled tech for phones and that basically is what black is on amoled- off pixels.

    Again, I only saw two screens, but plenty of black, green, white and red (emergency call icons were red & white).

    Looked like the TB display to me, but perhaps more than two screens of viewing and brightness adjustments will be better.
  24. jinwons

    jinwons Android Expert

    Viewing angle is not high priority on display for me as I don't look at it at deep tilted angle anyway. Brightness, high contrast, deep color is more important to me. Both Moto, HTC look somewhat dull in color and black contrast.
  25. rushmore

    rushmore Extreme Android User

    That is cool, just wanted to make sure you did not expect IPS. Did not look like it was.

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