For Sale Apple Macbook Air 11" 2010 (Mint Condition)

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Thread title: WTS Apple Macbook Air 11" 2010

Item Description: For sale is my Macbook Air 11". It has 2gb of ram, 64gb ssd.

Price: $550

Condition: 8/10. Only because its used but no damage at all.

Includes: Computer and Charger

Item Location: Jersey

Shipping Details: Usps Priority

Payment Options: Paypal

Additional Info: I am original owner of laptop, was always in a case and in a smoke free environment. You will be able to upgrade to Mavericks for free through the App Store.

Contact Info - Please PM or post below


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need this gone asap, dog just got sick yesterday and vet bills have now accumulated in the past day. Worth every penny getting him better but now need to get rid of this.

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Careful, They're sharp!!

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