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Apple's Multitouch Patent? Does not apply to Xfalks new Multi-suction technology.

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by JoeOGrant, Mar 1, 2010.

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    Mar 1, 2010

    Mar 1, 2010
    Xfalk, a martian transmogriphier company has recently released a new a android phone called the XKsjasnl (I beleive that is how you would pronounce this martian word).

    This new phone uses a breakthrough technology that can detect multiple pressure spots on their mobile's screens. No, I am not talking about Apple's Multi-touch technology, their patent only applies to humanoid finger-like extremeties. Of course everyone knows that martians have tentacles with small branching extremities of suction cups, so their patent does not interfere with this new martian technology.

    The device is meant for use with tentacles and the screen can detect multiple suction-pressure points on the screen at the same time, allowing use for gestures and easier use of the on screen keyboard. The good news is that this technology is fully compatible for use with human fingers, because the same amount of pressure is detected when a human finger touches the screen (although the developers did not intend for that to happen). Thankfully, there is no patent system on mars and this technology is free to use in the public domain, therefore companies here on earth can develop multi-suction enabled devices.

    Google has recently announced that they are developing a phone with this martian technology. They are mainly marketing this phone to martians and human xeno-cultural enthusiasts, however the phone can also be used by any human if they use the included micro suction finger attachments. Of course, since this technology is compatible with human fingers, the suction cups are optional, but Google insists on their usage because the screen is optimized for use with suction cup extremities due to the specific pressure detected by the sensors in the screen.

    Google Insists that this phone is not being developed for use with human fingers, because that would infringe Apple's patent, but no law can stop the users from operating the device in the manner of their choosing.

    I beleive that this new technology is the perfect loop-hole for earthling mobile phone companies that want to utilize multi-touch technology, but cannot due to apple's rediculous patent. They only need insist that their phone uses multi-suction instead of multi-touch because apple's patent only applies to fingers.
    Questions? Comments?


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