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Application Architecture Question

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by AlcoholicWeeman, Dec 7, 2013.

  1. AlcoholicWeeman

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    I am currently designing a Sudoku application for my own personal development, this is the first proper application I will be making. I can program in Java quite effectively with good object orientated understanding.

    I want to create the application with 1 view as shown below:

    As you can see I would like a single view with a grid object, the grid object will have it's own paint method.

    How would I go about making this object zoomable?
    How would I handle interaction with this object?

    I also have 2 buttons on the bottom left and right,
    How would I anchor these so they won't zoom?
    Could I float these over the object and have the object as the entire view?

    What pop up menu should I use? I would like a small menu with difficulty selection a restart button or a new puzzle button, also an exit button.

    Thanks for reading this far, if you do have any advice for me at all then please post, If you require more information about anything then please ask!

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