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I don't know how to open a new thread under app development and I am new to this so I am asking my question here. I am new to android application development. I want to develop an app that will send sms automatically to predefined contacts. I am seeking advice on which programming language i should use and a little help with the coding itself. I am an absolute beginner in java but I am quite comfortable with python. I am running kali linux on my desktop and have already installed eclipse and android-sdk. Please help me.

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Hi there. If you are a beginner with Java then I would suggest you pick up a good book. There are many available.
In terms of Android, you can also find many online tutorials like this

I would not recommend you install Eclipse, but rather use Android Studio, which is the officially supported Android development platform.

It actually has a lot of sample applications that are useful to examine and learn how to do things, starting with a basic 'hello world' app.

But really, the best and most effective way to learn is just to get in there and write some code. If you have any more specific questions, feel free to ask here and you can get some more advice.
Good luck!