Dec 26, 2013
I am using a Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 for a little less than a year.
Hope that you can help me with my problems.

1) Every now and then, when my phone rebooted, one or two of my apps will suddenly turn into a grey icon and when i click on it, the message pops out saying that the app is not installed in the phone. This can occur randomly on any downloaded apps that I have transferred to the SD Card. I did not delete the apps because if I had deleted the app, it would no longer appear on my screen. This problem cannot be resolved by rebooting or clearing the cache. I have found that the fastest way to resolve this is to delete that app and re-install it again, but by doing so, there is a chance that another app will become a grey icon upon deletion and some apps have important data and I do not wish to remove the app. The grey icon generally goes back to normal after 2-3 weeks, but my phone has been giving me this problem at an increasing rate recently.

2) When I load videos online through apps that stream online, no matter what player I use, (MX Player, VPlayer, etc. I don't use the built in one as the stream is extremely bad) it will load properly at first, but around the 6-7th minute, the player stops loading the video and a message appears that the video cannot be played. I can stream the video again and continue from where I left off, but this problem has been annoying me since every 6-7 minute I have to reopen the video and wait for it to buffer and then drag the bar to the point where I left off. I have tried numerous video players and even more streaming apps, and nothing helps. Even the videos that are already in my phone faces the same problem. My friend recommended me MX Player and she had no problems with it at all, and has never encountered a problem like mine. As such, I can only assume that it is the problem with my phone and it has nothing to do with the apps. Likewise, rebooting or clearing cache does not help.

Please help me. Thanks so much :D
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1) It appears that your SD card is reaching the end of its life. (None of them last forever - they have a limited number of write cycles.) Get a new one.

2) Can't help you with that - never saw it happen.