Root application "installation unsuccessful"


hi i am currently unrooted Droid X after i recently restored my phone using the 2.2 SBF. i redownloaded most of my old applications but a few of them for some reason will just not install and i just get the yellow /!\ mark that says "install unsuccessful" everytime. specifically angry birds and i few other paid apps do this to me and i really want to install them. i tried clearing market data and cache in settings but still did not work. so any help with this?


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Go to settings > SD card & phone storage > Unmount SD card. Reboot & try again, work for me on my N1 running 2.2.1 :cool:

i unmount my sd card and it works fine. but is there another way? do i have to unmount my sd card every time i want to update these certain apps?


i had the same problem. im rooted with UD8 and had most of my apps moved or installed to my sd card.

i fixed it by installing to internal memory on default then moving to sd card after install


I tried everything, nothing worked until I went into applications and uninstalled the latest android market update. That cured everything.