Application not working in release mode(in production) on play store

Hello, I am facing a problem with my native android application. Everything works fine when I am testing my app through local build apk in android studio. But the same application is not working properly in production(in play store). It was working fine few months ago, it suddenly started having issue in production. I have checked the logs of live app in android studio logcat by connecting the live app with android studio through USB cable, it shows some information and i can see that api is getting called and the response of the api is there, but screen doesn't move to next screen. At one other place i got an NullPointerException on an api call then i checked the same on local build and I did not got any NullPointerException.I have used Retorfit2 and volley and okhttp3 for api calling.

Please suggest what should i do in order to resolve this issue i am facing with my app in production. Any suggestion or solution will be of great help, Thanks in advance.