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Application runs fast on smartphone but slow on tablet

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by sissif, Jan 27, 2020.

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    My team and I have developped an augmented reality application that uses native c++ libraries, it works well on multiple smartphones (xiaomi, samsumng, huawei, custom industrial android phones), but when it comes to tablet, the activity that contains the frames acquisition and manipulation runs slow.

    We have tried on multiple table, the specs of the first ones weren't that great (under 2Gb ram, 4 cores below 1.7ghz and armeabi-v7a), but then we bought a tablet that has the same, or even better specs than the previously tested smartphones ( Lenovo M10+, with 4Gb ram, Octo core 2.3Ghz, armeabi-v8a), but the speed issue remains.

    The code uses some shared libraries compiled for the specific architectures (opencv, ceres-solver), and the optimisation is set in the manifest.
    FYI, android developpement isn't our strong suit.
    Do you have any idea to why an app can be fast on smartphones but not on tablet ?

    Thanks in advance.



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