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General Application suggestions - wx, ssh, sftp

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by rec9140, Dec 26, 2010.

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    Dec 1, 2010

    Dec 1, 2010
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    I am interested in getting input and suggestions on applications for various items.

    I follow a very strict protocol when it comes to software:

    research, research, research, research. and then
    research, research, research, decision, install.

    In other words I don't just download software be it desktop, laptop, or smart phone, to try it out and it leave its cruft behind, cause issues or crashes. On my Linux systems software is downloaded in to VM's which are clones of my desktop(s), laptop(s) and tested out once I've completed the research.

    And just for FYI. I speak, and understand Linux only. I do not support or understand any other OS. :D Hence why I am an Android user and not an isheeple.

    I like to get input from users who have tried applications out and their experience.. so with the above ground rules....

    Secure Shell (SSH)

    Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) (Note: not the same as FTPS, SFTP is FTP via SSH, don't ask its ancient!)

    I've looked at various packages at various sites, and unfortunately for me they just don't provide the kind of info that the input of an actual user can provide.

    So if you have an SSH and a SFTP/FTP program that you like I would like to hear about it.

    ConnectBot, IRSSI Connectbot, AndFTP, Better Terminal Emulator etc

    weather alerts application AND WIDGET that can take the place of the standard WX Widget.

    What I am after is is one that can be

    1) CONFIGURED to determine the area of alerts BY HAND. If it allows for the use of GPS etc. as an option fine, but I want to configure it by hand either by zip or actual NOAA NWS zone numbers, prefered. Needs to support 2-3 locations at a minimum.

    2) Must use OFFICIAL NOAA NWS WeatherWire sources that means NO AGGREGATORS like WSI, Accuweather, weather channel, weatherbug. The widget/application MUST fetch DIRECTLY TO NOAA NWS SERVERS

    3) Alerts - I am after the alerts that are put out much like the SAME radios... BUT I want to CONFIGURE which alerts I get.. No groups, as some group will have an alert I want, and 1000000 more I don't care about. [​IMG] I need to be able to configure the alerts one by one. Don't care if I have to turn on 100 alerts and turn off 500 more. Some stuff I just don't want to hear about.

    4) Alert Notifications - Must play an alert tone, pop up on the screen, ring an alarm, put a notification on the notification bar.

    5) Thanks, but NO thanks on Weather Channel, Accuweather, WSI or Weatherbug. For one weather bug is a KNOWN spy/malware user in the past on another OS, I want nothing to do with them! I also only want direct pulls from NOAA NWS, thus this nukes WC, AW, WSI as they are just aggregators/VAR's who add NOTHING to things in my opinion. If these work for you, thats great, but I only want the raw data from NWS NOAA and I'll do the thinking. In other words I want what comes out of the NOAAPORT and WXWIRE. Not some dufus at WC, ACWX, WSI etc..

    6) Widget mode - I am looking for something that can take the place of the LG WX widget on home screens, with a similar display and a notification about alerts on the widget.

    7) Maps - display of maps of the alerts by zones would be a plus

    8) NEXRAD - display of NEXRAD data would be a plus

    9) CWOP data - Citizen Weather Observer Program would be a huge plus.

    10) Cost - Free would be best, but a REASONABLE cost will be considered.

    I've looked at tons of applications via various sources and after discounting the TV station applications and the above excluded ones (including the private label re-hashes), I am just not finding the cream of the crop.

    I look forward to hearing everyones suggestions on programs to fit the bill.

    Thanks in advance.


  2. darkxsun

    darkxsun Guest

    Since you don't want to install on your device, I'd try out the various candidates in the Android emulator and see what you like. Though really, it's less risky to install apps in Android since they're removed fairly completely (I have never found a pile of leftover files from an app I uninstalled).

    I like your vision for the weather app... If you've done any programming, I'd suggest diving into the Android SDK. It's pretty easy to get started. Your needs are pretty specific, and you can help others on the way to an app that satisfies those needs.

    oh, and re:isheeple... let's try not to get negative and insulting around here. It doesn't help anyone to hate on other OS's because you don't happen to like them. There are far more personal, individual elements that go into which OS is best for each person than there are absolute, universal reasons one is always better than another.

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