Application? - Switch apps without going to home


Have the Eris. One of the things I liked about Nokias was you could download an app that would let you pull up a task/application switcher from any application by holding down a key.

the Eris pulls up last six opened apps when you hold down home button, but there should be a way to open one of the various task switcher/kiillers and open apps using a similar method.

Cant seem to find that in app store. am i missing something?


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Hold the Home key for a few seconds. I too was used to the Nokia way of handling things and was frustrated until I found that.


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Original poster mentioned in his post that he is already aware of holding down the home button, which only displays the last 6 opened items. They are looking for an app which will let you (via keypress) bring up the app tray, of which I personally am not aware.