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Help if you can please every time i go into my Applications manager i get this message unfortunately settings has stopped dont know why phone is Galaxy S3


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You don't say if the phone is running a standard ROM or if it is locked to a network.

However, a quick fix, that sometimes works, is turn the phone off, take battery out and leave for a few minutes. Then replace and restart the phone.
Remember this will mean setting date and time and re-entering any passwords you may have. (although sometimes I don't have to) - no idea why.

It's like doing a soft reset to the system and usually clears 'unexplained' issues.

Good luck.


I have the exact same problem with both of my S3's and I have tried everything, including hard resets on both, but the issue keeps returning. If anyone has any ideas I'm open to reasonable suggestions, however, no more hard resets, since that didn't help.

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Neither of my phones are rooted, and one is VZW, the other AT&T.
I feel like Samsung needs to make an update patch, and get it out to us, since this can really complicate any kind of app management on this phone.