Root Application's stopping unexpectantly


Hello, I purchased my phone just under a month ago but am experience some rather troubling problems.

After booting the phone, and unlocking it to load, I get blue pop-ups, mainly from Social Hub, Swype, Calendar and The Weather. Those 4 are the main ones, with the only option of Force close.

The phone soon becomes unresponsive and slow, restarting completly at times right back to the unlock screen.

It's odd, the phone was working perfect prior to shutting it off but the symtomps appeared after receiving 3 of the same text when turning the phone back on.

I would do a factory reset but I've got 2 gb worth of songs, some of which can't be found anymore.

I've tried connecting to the PC but prior to the mount option popping up, it restarts :S

Any help please?


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Well thats odd... I swapped from Swype to Samsung's keypad and all of a sudden im able to connect! Self solved problems <3

Going to remove all songs and media, switch it back to Swype, if it doesn't work, factory reset then place media back on!