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Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by appmaster, Oct 29, 2010.

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    Hi People i just wanted to let you all know about the apps that mobileappmaster has developed.

    Applications published by putitonline

    Invoice me pro

    The first of its kind A true Business app.
    InvoiceMe Pro allows users to invoice clients on the go.
    Create/Manage and Track invoices or quotes on the go. Track and Report on paid and unpaid invoices. Voted one of the top 50 Finance Application on google android market as per user comments support is second to know with active email and google talk support
    Email & SMS invoices to clients in minutes

    Another great tool allows user to easily create text templates: Provides a host functions

    []Allows users to send text blasts to contact list
    Allows users scheduled text reminders and Blast
    []Allows users to setup shortcodes and Text templates for anything

    []Setup text reminders for birthdays or calendar events , setup a schedule text message to send out birthday wish

    Bundle Pro

    A great tool or should we say bundle backed with 7 great little apps in one.

    Once you have download this you will be able to download and access 7 other apps

    []Radio App - Live radio streaming app with thousands of radio stations
    []New Music App – Listen to new music from unsigned artists
    []SMS Export - Save & email Text Messages/Phone logs App
    []Setup & Schedule Messages
    []InvoiceMe – Invoice application that allows you create and manage invoices from your phone.

    Blue Tooth bounce: Version 1: Allows users to easily turn their blue tooth on/off


    Whats Up , Allows users to Find out what events are happening in the uk. This app will tell you what events to go to playing the best in R&b,HipHop,Funky,House,Bashment and More. Promoters can get their events listed simply by inviting Daddychris Promotor to their facebook event
    [​IMG]Flames Radio
    Unique radio application based in the uk Flames Radio , Plays the hottest for Dancehall, Bashmnet , Hip Hop and RnB. Revival in the world,...

    Wizzzer2xPro also knOW AS WIZZZER

    A Must Have Tools for your Android phone – With lots of Options Allows users to do the following

    [] Advanced applications and task Management features
    [] Allows users to Search/Save & Export Text Messages
    [] Allows users to backup phone to email and email
    [] Allows users to Export/ your Phone contacts
    [] Allows user to review Battery Life Management

    [] Provides an advance Task & Application Killer / Uninstaller

    SMS Export - 2x
    One of the must have tools for your android phone – Allows users to backup/export and search for sms text message. The tool offers the following functions

    []Save text messages
    []Export messages
    []Email Text messages
    []Backup Text Message
    []Schedule and Backup Text
    []Search Text Messages

    New Music Live
    New Music Live allows users to listen music from the Next Big Unsigned Artists all over the world. Listen and Download unsigned music before DJ's even get it

    User functions include:

    []Live streaming of new tracks
    []Listen and download
    []Listen and Rate tracks
    [] Send tracks to friends to listen to and rate

    Digital Album Bundle
    Free Music App – Provides music from new music artists
    Radio Live Gold Bundle

    Radio Liive Gold – Listen to live Streaming radio stations from all over the world- Over 25 thousand stations to choose.

    My Contacts Pro

    Another great utility and tool which allows you to
    [1]Save all Text messages to there Email or SD card
    [2]Backup incoming/outgoing messages
    [3] Email Scrap email address from personal email accounts

    App Master
    Appmaster!! is a window to some very useful apps developed by MobileAppMaster
    find all the great apps using Appmaster

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