appradio 2 or 3


I was wondering if anyone has tried to use the pioneer appradio 2 or 3 with the Droid Maxx. There is someone on the XDA forums that made an app for full usage of mirrorlink via an APK. I was reading something about using a stick (HDMI) I would assume, or a MHL adapter. The thread is over 200 pages long and trying to search for Droid Maxx and not come up with Droid razr Maxx is a pain.:thinking:


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Droid Maxx might work with AppRadio2, but you need a Wifi HDMI adapter (ptv3000), AppRadio3 has the built in wifi ability so that might be better.

I have an AppRadio2, I have an older Dorid RAZR Maxx I kept for the radio, I am currently working on getting a HDMI Stick working, which I have I just need a good battery solution for it and I am all set, I will use mt Maxx as a hot spot for the Stick to me it just makes more sense, the AppRadio is in my fun car and with the RAZR Maxx and the phone would get quite hot as the screen on the phone AND AppRadio will be on.. may are repoting issues with Screen standby and ARU, I used Screen Standby with my RAZR and ARL and it still got quite hot


I have seen miracast dongles work with the appradio3. That was a video on YouTube. I don't know if the guy ever got the system to work right. I was given the wrong info at the Verizon store by both a Verizon rep AND a Motorola rep. The swore up one side and down the other that this phone would work( droid maxx) it doesn't. Missing mhl comparability. Have you heard if anyone has been able to make the system work wirelessly using this phone? Thank you.