Help Apps can't read SD card?


I transferred some music files (wma) to a micro SD card like I do with my HTC Incredible. My transformer can read the card but cannot play the music. If I look at my music players, they do not show the music on the SD card. On my phone, this system works great. Is this a Honeycomb problem or operator error? Suggestions?


I found that by default it looks to the internal storage, you may need to go back one directory to get to the external sd card to find your music. They look the same with similar file folders one is the internal storage one is the removable.


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I think you are right. I can find the music files with the file manager but the stock music player nor Winamp show the music that is on the SD card. On my Android phone, both apps recognize the music files on the SD card and can play them. Is this a Honeycomb flaw to look at the storage as separate? Can I do anything to fix or bypass this problem?


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Same goes for MoboPlayer. it goes to mnt/sdcard, which is the memory on the tablet itself. Can't browse higher up than that on the directory structure. Once launched through a File manager, though, it plays the videos just fine.


I moved both pictures and music to a removable sd card and have no problem the music player and gallery found them automatically


I was having this problem with my Trnsformer earlier today, but Android has since (magically?) re-mounted the SD card -- I've got the icon down in the taskbar -- and Winamp can once again see and play it.


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i'm having this same issue with Rock Player Lite. this app is unable to let me go up another folder level to choose the Micro SD card.

is there a way around this? or do the apps have to be configured to go up another level?
its Simple..! im using custom ROM and had the same issue that inbuilt apps doesnt reads the sd card media contents.. But can be accessed from file managers. Since from kitkat update android system reads the media from predefined sd card folders. Use PC to move all your music/songs to the folder \SD card\Android\data\\files and your photos to \SD card\Android\data\ in your sd card.. then you can see those files from your built in apps.. Thank you..!