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Apps for education

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by Harihar_Naik, Jul 29, 2013.

  1. Harihar_Naik

    Harihar_Naik Newbie
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    Hi everyone,
    This is the article about the apps for education. I am a tech analyst and an app developer. What I feel is that apps on play store are mostly games and entertainment category. And those categories are ever evolving. But the sad part is that apps in educational category lacks the charm and evolution.

    Developers are more busy with developing games and updating its versions with stunninh features. And educational apps are lagging behind. When someone develop apps for education category either it lacks necessory featurea or its too complex to use all the features. This happens mainly because customers of edu apps are not interested in giving feedback and developers are busy in adding features to their apps and making it more complex to use and ultimately people dont use it quite often. This will be not a good thing for the generations coming. As a developer its our responsibility to make our customer use our app through charming app development which will teach them something. Now I dont mean to deveolp puzzle apps based upon some scientific concept, that too is not useful. I think educational apps must be easy to use, with charming graphics and animations, some emulators so that we can help its user to imagine the concept.

    These are some of my views, and I am developing some apps considering this fatc. I request everyone out there to give your valuable feedback and sugestions so that we can build really great educational apps and help people learn what is worth knowing.

    I hope developera too share their views on it and share their experience in building apps and feasible things that can be done for this sector.

    Thank you

  2. ljbaumer

    ljbaumer Well-Known Member

    This is a good point which you make but I think the main reason behind the lack of edu. apps is the fact that people simply aren't looking to learn that much on their phone. I know for me at least that most of the time if I want to learn anything I can't get from a simple google search I just head to my computer. On my phone I am much more centered around games and entertainment (music, videos, movies, etc) and it is hard to put a lot of time and focus into edu. apps as a developer because it often doesn't turn into profits. I could make more money making a trashy entertainment app than an edu. application which doesn't get noticed as much.

    I really wish there would be more easy edu. apps on the play store and mobile phones in general but there is not a very big market.

  3. developer1309

    developer1309 Lurker

    Hi Harihar,
    You r absolutely right. We need to focus more on the educational apps now. I was planning to develop such an app. If you have any idea then we can start working on that.
  4. jae_63

    jae_63 Android Enthusiast

  5. rahulac

    rahulac Lurker

    Yes, I agree. We need to focus more on educational apps.
  6. mrnoone

    mrnoone Lurker

    Hi I have a request for a classroom app that I imagine would be very simple to make.
    Basically it can have two modes - "manage classes" and "run".
    In "manage classes" I wish to input my students names and it converts them into a buttons.
    In "run" I select my class and their name buttons appear. When I press their button a counter increments beside their name.
    This can be used for game based learning, or for remembering after a class who answered questions or not.

    If the would be the beta version then the 2.0 version could have options for decrementing the counters, or to make it really powerful - export to Microsoft Excel/Google Docs spreadsheet where the teacher can see in a graph form who is performing well in the class over long periods of time.

    Thanks in advance for listening to the idea.
  7. mkutsman

    mkutsman Newbie

    I might have some free time to develop this app for you. Feel free to check out my "Generic Toggle Widget" in the Play Store and email me (you can email right from my app or from Google Play app listing).

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