May 27, 2011
hi everyone i've just got this phone
could anyone suggest what apps should i install to get going
should i root the phone or update it

reply please

look do you need to root? for a specific reason? like to remove a certain aspect of the phone? no? then dont ok seriously i get annoyed with people who buy a device...it work perfect and then they hear sum "crap" about rooting blah blah blah = better......it doesnt,

if your phone is working leave it alone.
u say your new..... dont mess with things if you have no reason,. u could f%ck your phone.....for no reason,

if you root it you might not get the official gingerbread update from samsung,

then you will be stuck with the beta from samfirmware ......gprs probs, camera probs, battery probs, memory probs,

there is no reason right now,.....custom roms? theres isnt any worth a feck right now,

srry to be blunt but im trying to be kind by being harsh,,,,,
to conclude and to follow with sum nice,

try "phonemypc" remote access with live screenshot to "your" pc screen.

jango radio - for cool internet radio with up-to-date tunes uk-usa

speedx - cool, 3d game "everyone" has

skyfire-internet-browser watch full episodes and movies in "flash" using this browser.

search market for "free music download" this app lets you download pretty-much any song/music and the select an area of the song to use as a ringtone.

applanet- download the applanet-app to download the paid versions of apps from normal market but you dont pay! yay!

battery widget solo- to show in number percentage how much battery you have left.

winds of steel - war-fighter-plane game with amazing graphics that works even on LOW end devices (lower proccessor power)

mario-simlulator...lmao find it and download it,,,,,jump with phone in hand and sound like mario hitting ? box...then coin noises. lmao ill send it ot you if you want it soo fecking funny,

i dont mean any offence in any of my pre-post i just come over strong some times srry in advance.
hi, here some apps installed on my rooted ace running original 2.2.1 rom:

- launcher = adw launcher
- weather/clock = go weather
- audio profile = audioguru
- task manager = norton utilities (beta)
- camera = camera360, retro camera
- file manager = astro
- social/messenger = facebook, twitdroyd, yahoo, whatsapp, msn mercury, foursquare
- mail = gmail, k9mail
- news = endgadget, xda developers, msnbc
- some games like angrybirds (obviously haha), nfs shift, fruit ninja, etc...
- etc

root required apps:
- superuser
- busybox
- titanium backup
- market enabler
- root explorer
- darktremor a2sd
- quickboot
- clockworkmod rom manager

don't root if you don't need it... like chismay said. :)
Dolphin browser.Better then stock.
Ambling book player. great audio player.
Power amp. music player.
Bump. transfer files from bumping two phone's together. easier then b-tooth.
Ghosttrain. finds music for you.A little slow better over wifi.
Tapatalk. great for forum beast's and save's going thru browser.
i also like widgetsoid and timeriffic, i never had to set my phone to silent mode manually since i'm using timeriffic :D imo is quite nice as a messenger
applications that im using
* fastreboot - DOES NOT ACTUALLY REBOOT YOUR PHONE, only the apps & processes. Does NOT require root.

*AppMonster - you can easily manage your apps. Enjoy features like backup, restore, uninstall, install from SD card


*no lock - to use your phone as quickly as possible

*Battery Indicator - to know the exact level of my battery

*Android Sync Manager WiFi - sync my phone using wifi

*Juice Defender - improved my battery life 3x my battery life

*Call Confirm - no more accidental dialing

* GO Launcher EX - works perfect. love this launcher
is there any way flash can be played on this phone i tried skyfire but it didn't run the videos

also is there a good flv player?
reply please thnx in advance
Wow Chismay, u've got a serious amount of apps on your Ace!!
How many of those are on the phone & how many on the SD card?
Does the Ace still perform well, speed/transitions etc..? My few apps look a bit sad now! Cheers. GrahamF. London. :)
Wow Chismay, u've got a serious amount of apps on your Ace!!
How many of those are on the phone & how many on the SD card?
Does the Ace still perform well, speed/transitions etc..? My few apps look a bit sad now! Cheers. GrahamF. London. :)

they are all on the sd i currently have about 40mb spare insternal memory,. you need to use the adb command to send EVERYTHING to sd:D:D:D

also i have about 10 more installed right now also but i didnt bother putting them all.
if you lag try using the program monitor widget go to ram and clear memory, wait a few minutes for the main launcher and everything to reset you will notice you have a fair amount more ram to use.

on reflect dont use applanet.

i didnt and its bullshit anyway most of the apps are very outdated and are simply the same trials allready available on android market,.

plus the applanet sever has not been working for like 2 weeks now, also certain apps have been removed from the a-market because they have been confirmed to have the known android malware on them.
hey guys I need a good video player.I've used rockplayer,moboplayer,yxplayer and of them can play play flv smoothly or even large mp4

please help
any help would be much appreciated