Apps/Games to suggest?


Just wanted to see if there's anything fantastic I am missing at the moment. A lot of the really awesome games that SHOULD run on this phone, I am having trouble with, like GTA III. But, here's what I have installed so far, along with my available memory.

Let me know what I might be missing out on.

Angry Birds
Angry Birds Space
Animaonline SNES
Barcode Scanner
Better Keyboard 8
Car Locator
Choice of Zombies
Crystal Defenders
Dead Space
Deadly Dungeons
Defender II
Dopewars Underground
Dragon's Lair
Draw Something
ES File Explorer
Final Fantasy
Flick Golf!
Flight Control
Golf Extreme!
Google Maps
Google Search
Google Voice
GrooVe IP
Hulu Plus
Lucky Patcher
Manga Watcher Application
Moon+ Reader Pro
Opera Mini Next
Plants vs Zombies
RepliGo Reader
Sense Analog Small Clock Glass
The Sims 3
Titanium Backup Pro
TuneIn Radio Pro
Voice Search

With all of this installed, have 102MB free out of the 170MB available on my internal memory. I have an 8GB microSDHC card, so I am not concerned about running out of space on that.

I'd really like to get GTA III working properly. I got it to load once, but it was so choppy and laggy that I uninstalled it, and now I cannot get it to work again, no matter what I do.

Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Also, if anyone is interested in any of these, I can either upload the APK files themselves, or I can upload my Titanium Backup Pro files and settings. Some were more difficult than others to get to work properly, or to get to run properly from the SD card.

I actually have Google Maps working properly, the most updated version of it, from my SD card. Only 4.71MB instead of over 11MB.

My Google Play Store is only 2.65MB instead of close to 7MB. My GO Launcher EX is only 2.25MB instead of close to 7MB.

I'd really like to figure out how to get Sonic 4, Super Street Fighter IV HD and GTA III to run on this phone. Beyond those two, I am pretty happy with it, overall.


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@NeoDraven: Your Dalvik cache must not be overflowing yet with 102mb free... At 104 apps, my dalvik is 100mb in size, too much for the /data partition. I know Labrinth is smooth, along with ceramic destroyer, extreme droid jump, jewels, Unblockme and a few others.


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I delete my Dalvik cache at least daily using Titanium Backup Pro. Cache Cleaner helps, too; every single time I use the stock browser, for some reason, I wind up with 3MB or more in my cache.

104 apps? On the Avail? Wow. I thought I had found most of the good ones already. What video player are you using?


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Yeah, Mobo is a bit too choppy for me. I wish I could find one that natively plays H264 videos without losing so much framerate.