Help Apps icon not working after update

Hi,My phone received a software update but now when I press the icon on the home screen that should take me to all my apps, I get a message saying Unfortunately, Home has stopped.
The screen then goes blank and just takes me back to my home screen.
It was working fine before I installed the update . Have rebooted phone but still same problem.
My android version is 4.4.2
Software version is D80220g-EUR-XX (which I assume is the update I installed).
Any help would be much appreciated


I had exactly this problem yesterday. I spoke with LG live support chat to try and rectify the issue. I was informed the update had been fully tested prior to release. Never had the problem before this latest update. They suggested various options like stopping processes, clearing cached data and nothing worked. Finally had to do a factory reset which has fixed the problem but left me feeling pretty perturbed!:mad:
I've got a similar issue. I downloaded the update yesterday and installed it this morning. Immediately had some problems: phone became much slower, the back of the phone (around the camera and buttons) started heating up noticeably, the battery only lasted a few hours too (much shorter than usual), the phone was having quite a bit of trouble running some apps (messenger for example), massive delay between the phone turning on and me pressing the on button.

So I'm assuming this update has changed how the phone deals with the battery if it's heating up and not lasting anywhere near as long as it used to before the update.

Massive mess up of an update and I have no idea how to revert my phone to whatever software version it was running before this D80220g-EUR-XX


Factory reset was all LG could recommend to fix the issue, they stated the issue may be due to the interaction of one or more applications with the update, and potential incompatibility. I've performed factory reset and reinstated apps, and the problem has not returned...


Hopefully it works for you too

I don't think that this is acceptable as a fix though, they need to look at root cause and test further.


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Clearly it wasn't tested very well......
I have done a full back up on my phone- if I do a factory reset can I restore from the back up after or will I lose everything on my phone such as contacts,photos,data etc?


Everything will be wiped, back up as much as you can. I relied on Google back up, syncing my gmail accounts first. Photos were on auto backup so they weren't a problem for me. I did copy contacts to SIM first. All my SMS were lost.

I'd suggest you look for info on backing up first to ensure you lose as little as possible.