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apps I'm considering writing (lost of)

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by oliverthered, Jan 9, 2010.

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    Hi I', considering writing lots of apps and tweeks for the gphone.

    Here's what I've though of so far.
    Ability to recieve contact numbers (business cards)
    ability to copy all contact information, or information of selected contacts onto the clipboard to send in email / sms (and menu link to do so from email / SMS apps)
    extract phone numbers and email addresses from sms/s and emails so they can be added to contact list.
    lock the volume controls (the one on the right had side is a pain in the arse for me, cos it keeps tuning all the various volumes down to silent all the time)
    answer / automatic reply for mms, email and phone calls.
    modified dirvers (or whatever is required) so that the person on the other end can be recorded (usefull for answer machine etc...)
    block certian numbers or contact from appearing ion call logs or favirotes list (don't want the mrs knowing that your dialing you mistress all the time!)
    face recognision to unlock your phone or act as other password system.
    better terminal on the phone (e.g. supports tab completion and command history)
    dictaphone app.
    safety wire TM, basically an applicaton that constantly (or on a trigger/ keywork or whatever) records audio / video or whatver and directly streams it over the internet to a server in a country where evidence against you and a good case is required before the data will be given to any authority that requests it, (along with thrid party second key holding etc... so you need a second partry to disclose another key to unencrypt the data). can also record things like GPS etc... locations and time, and call register etc... and also set to wipe (though the data is backed up continiously iver the internet) data if you get within the proximity of a police station or someone who sends a secrect 'ping' to your phone doesn't get an answer and they can then iniciate wiping, or the phone gets wiped if connection is lossed for a period of time or there's no power for a period of time and when it's switched back on a security pin isn't entered.
    as an alternative or extra any data e.g. connection data on the phone could be protected by being encrypted by a key that the user does not know they only know the password to retrieve that key off of a safe server, the user can then have multiple passwords that unloack different bits of information and a safety password that locks down the phone and either re-encrypts it all or cleans it all off.

    skype phone / video calls.
    remote control appliction for linux and windows, or wire houses etc.. using bluetooth or wifi using a new common specification protocol that can be used by all apps and allow things like pushing content onto the phone to act as part of the remote control.

    re-encoder where your home pc or possibly a third party paid for service re-encodes media files over the network on the fly into a format that's compatable with android phones.

    (nice but probably not possible, packet inject and premiscuse mode for the wifi driver so that you can recover passwords from your own personal WEP encrypted networks if you forget them etc...

    ability to enter returns in sms/s and prevent the return key from sending the sms.

    Instead of converting long sms's into an mms instead convert it into even more sms's that just appear as multiple messages on the reciepients phone (it costs money for many people in the UK to recieve MMS/s but sms's are free.

    voice stress analyser.

    intergration into speech recognision tools so that transcripts of conversations can be recorded.

    voice signiture recognisson system to recognise someone from their voice.

    picture tagger to tag people in pictures based on biometrics

    musicbrainz integration so that you can record a small piece of music that's currently playing and get musicbrainz to identify what it is for free (and then even add it to your shopping list).

    Cook book / recipie system with integrated US FDA database of nutritional information linked up with online shopping prices for meal / nutriotion planning as well as finding the chepest shops to buy them from.

    handy man app to find local people, to repair, build, install, diagnose all the various things you may want a handy man to do. (possibly extend to a skills and services site).

    Mate & Dates application for socialising and finding new people / reliation ships/ swingers/ church and interest groups etc... (like face book, but for meating new people not just recording the people you know) with facebook integration.

    Redmine app so that you can have a proper notes/ task / time / project management system integrated with your android phone and not just 'minimalist' services like remember the milk.

    Voice desguiser

    anyhow, I have a few more notes about things that ain't too good on the android. Please discuss and rate up / down and give comments and suggestions etc... and I'll start working on the one that the people out there want the most.


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