Apps not being killed on 2.1-update.


My message apps (native Message and Handcent app) keep on reappearing, even when I kill them.

I've used the Settings > Applications > Running services, also Advanced Task Killer (by ReChild) and Task Manager (by Futon Redemption), but after a few minutes they'll reappear again.

This has only happened after I updated my Hero from 1.5 to 2.1. (I'm on Orange).

This seems to be a reoccurring theme of apps not being killed off after updating to 2.1. Others have reported Amazon MP3 and Skype apps not being killed off and even not uninstalling.

My battery life seems to be draining away now since the 2.1 update, and I'm thinking this may be the message-app-not-sleeping problem, hence my attempts at killing off the native message app.

Does anyone have any ideas to kill these apps off?


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Well, I think you've spotted a normal characteristic of android there. See, it doesn't drain your battery to leave apps sat in RAM, since they're not actually doing anything. So android will essentially cache apps in RAM to make it faster to load them. That's why, even when you kill them, they keep reopening. And the thing is that they end up using more battery power because they're launching afresh all the time.

So you should leave it really, but android tends to cache a bit too much IMO, so the phone slows down. So you either have to use a task killer, or use 'Autokiller', which just tweaks the android OS and tells it to keep more RAM free - problem solved. But, autokiller does require root access.

Oh and for the record, don't kill your stock SMS app. Your phone loses the ability to recieve text messages if that's uninstalled, so I don't think killing it is a good idea. The message app not sleeping bug is different; the app was keeping the phone from going into sleep mode. I think that was sorted in the old 1.5 ROMs anyway.