Apps not installing


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I tried to install a couple of apps, from Google App Store, and they didn't install. It says, on the store site, that they are installed, but they are not on the phone. I have the phone plugged into my computer, it's set at Mass Storage throught the USB connector. What's up with that? :thinking:


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First, you don’t need a USB connection for this, just clicking install on the PC tells the store to shoot it directly to your phone; perhaps the connection is actually preventing it, dunno.

Second, did it happened to say the word “incompatible” when you clicked Install? I doubt it, being that it said Installed, but had to ask.


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You can't install apps from Google Play through USB, it's done through wifi or over the phone network. Are either of those enabled meaning are you connected to the internet when you tried downloading them? Are you using Google Play through your phone or your computer's web browser?


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Strange thing, as I was reading this, I checked my phone and the 4 apps were loading. All done.
Most of the other apps I have installed were done while the phone was plugged into the computer. Now wheter or not it was done over wi-fi (which is off most of the time) or not I don't know. This is the first time it's taken over a minute for an app to install.
Thanks for all the help :D