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Apps question

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Chuck1906, Jan 4, 2010.

  1. Chuck1906

    Chuck1906 Android Enthusiast
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    There are certain apps that will not let your phone sleep as I noticed yesterday (TRAPSTER) and so I ended up unistaling it because it kept my home screen up and it never went to black. I didn't want my battery to run down so I got rid of it but as I sit here thinking about it, couldn't I have gone into my Application settings and turned that app off until I wanted to use it again?

  2. messenger13

    messenger13 Android Expert

    Yes. Or use an app like Advanced Task Killer Free. You can kill any app instantly, including Task Killer itself. I don't let that app start on boot up, or run all the time. But I do use it a couple times a day to kill apps I don't want running any longer.

    There are many that will tell you that you don't need an app killer. I am not arguing that point. I'm just recommending an app that would solve this particular issue. :)
  3. Trapster

    Trapster Lurker

    Hi Chuck, this is not true. If you hit the "Home" button you'll see a message that says "Trapster is active". You can pull down the top bar to access it and exit. If you hit the "Back" button you will get a dialog that says "Do you want to leave Trapster running in the background?". If you choose No, or quit Trapster, it will not keep running / drain your battery. You should always exit Trapster when you are not driving - and get a car charger and car mount too.


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