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Apps randomly minimize or go back to the home screen of the app on my S8

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by hudrunner2, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. hudrunner2

    hudrunner2 Lurker
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    So I've been having a problem on my S8 recently where my apps won't crash but they will go to the home screen of that app, they will pause themselves, and they will minimize themselves at the bottom right of the page. I'll give examples of each. So let's say I'm using snapchat going through stories it will randomly go back to the snapchat camera. Then let's say I'm playing a game, it will randomly pause itself. Let's say I'm watching a YouTube video it puts itself in the small window at the bottom right and takes me to my home screen. I factory resetted and it fixed it temporarily then it came back maybe week or two later. I don't really want to constantly factory reset my phone every week, so do you guys have and suggestions?
    Note: Repost as this didn't get answered in the android help section.

  2. hudrunner2

    hudrunner2 Lurker
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    When they go to the homescreen of the app, minimize, or pause they also freeze for just a second.

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