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Apps Safe to Remove After Root

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by boricuakiller, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. boricuakiller

    boricuakiller Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    1 google chrome

    2 google plus

    3 goolge maps

    so far i removed this 3 apps with no issue but remember every phone is is no the same so try at your own risk. once i get more apps remove i will update

    lg venice from boost

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  2. boricuakiller

    boricuakiller Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    if u guys removed any other apps with no problems let us know thanks hope to see great thinks for the lg venice soon
  3. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    Are there any other apps that can be removed? I want to get rid of some of the bloat but I'm paranoid doing so with no recovery. I'd love to remove some apps like:

    android live wallpapers
    boost zone
    mobile id

    But I just don't have the courage after the LG support tool bricked my phone...
  4. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    Ok, I can confirm that Bubbles and Android Live Wallpapers can be removed. I've disabled Chrome and Google+, but how can they actually be removed? There's no option in the Apps list (only "Force Stop" and "Disable").
  5. MiguelAMX

    MiguelAMX Well-Known Member

    You can not delete system apps -apps pre-installed on the phone- by Android alone. I reccommend you download Titanium Backup. You can delete any application on the phone. As always, be careful; Do not delete apps you feel that will brick the phone.

    Once you get into Titanium Backup, click on "Backup/Restore" tab. Click on any app and you will have the option to backup, freeze, and uninstall -and other options too.
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  6. The_Chief

    The_Chief Accept no imitations!
    VIP Member

    And PLEASE - make a nandroid backup in Recovery (IF you have a custom Recovery) BEFORE deleting system elements! If you delete something or freeze it in TiBU and the phone borks, just go into Recovery, wipe and restore the nandroid. It'll be like nothing ever happened :)

    If you DON'T have a custom recovery that makes nandroid backups, proceed with deletions at your own extreme risk.
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  7. bryanpena913

    bryanpena913 Lurker

    Clean master has also been a huge help look it up cleans empty folders temp files and if rooted gives the option to remove bloatware!
  8. bryanpena913

    bryanpena913 Lurker

    Gives recommendations of what not to erase
  9. andyr0cks

    andyr0cks Newbie

    I've removed all of this using adb and no brick yet:
    Code (Text):
    1.  rm GoogleBackupTransport.apk rm GoogleBackupTransport.odex rm GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter.apk rm GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter.odex rm GoogleContactsSyncAdapter.apk rm GoogleContactsSyncAdapter.odex rm GoogleFeedback.apk rm GoogleFeedback.odex rm GoogleLoginService.apk rm GoogleLoginService.odex rm GooglePartnerSetup.apk rm GooglePartnerSetup.odex rm GoogleServicesFramework.apk rm GoogleServicesFramework.odex rm GoogleTTS.apk rm GoogleTTS.odex rm FaceLock.apk rm FaceLock.odex rm Gmail.apk rm Gmail.odex rm ID.apk rm ID.odex rm Talk.apk rm Talk.odex rm Books.apk rm Books.odex rm BoostZone.apk rm BoostZone.odex rm ChromeBookmarksSyncAdapte rm ChromeBookmarksSyncAdapte rm ChromeWithBrowser.apk rm ChromeWithBrowser.odex rm Phonesky.apk rm Phonesky.odex rm PlusOne.apk rm PlusOne.odex rm StreamingPlayer.apk rm StreamingPlayer.odex rm Street.apk rm Street.odex rm Videos.apk rm Videosbin.apk rm Videosbin.odex rm WeatherThemebin.apk rm WeatherThemebin.odex rm Music2.apk rm Music2.odex rm Musicbin.apk rm Musicbin.odex rm Magazines.apk rm Magazines.odex rm GMS_Maps.apk rm GMS_Maps.odex rm AlarmClockbin.apk rm AlarmClockbin.odex rm SmartShare.apk rm SmartShare.odex rm GmsCore.apk rm GmsCore.odex

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