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Apps showing up greyed out

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by tommybayshore, Mar 13, 2016.

  1. tommybayshore

    tommybayshore Newbie
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    So i got a 200GB SD for my new S7edge, loaded the card in it, so far so good until i went into my apps, and changed the storage location from internal to external (all in hopes of saving my precious 32gb of internal storage)... most of the system apps wouldn't let me change their location but on the 50+ additional apps i installed it gave me the option to move the app to external storage. So i did this and all was fine, then i rebooted the phone, then all my programs were greyed out, similar to what would happen if you pulled the SD card out and started up the phone, but the card is still in the phone. I rebooted about 5x and the apps "seem" to have come back although many of them required me to re enter all my info... anyone else have this issue or tell me if i did something wrong here?

  2. Snakeyeskm

    Snakeyeskm Android Expert

    Too many apps on the SD card and/or a slow SD card. It might be taking your S7 edge OS a long time to access these apps on the SD card. Try restarting and then leave it alone for some time and then check the condition of the icons.
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  3. KOLIO

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    I have a relatively fast card (Sandisk 200 GB) & even a game as tame as Bejeweled2 would not run at all.
    A slow(er) card is a definite possibility................

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