Sep 21, 2010
Okay so we have a ton of thread with people listing apps that *might* help solve problems, but here I want a thread for people to say applications they've installed that caused them problems. I'm going to keep the first 2 posts updated with what's good for the Ally. I'm going to start with my latest discovery...

Remember, this is NOT absolute. Issues reported here means they caused someone issues, not they will definitely cause you issues. So don't argue that the program doesn't cause problems, if someone had an issue, then it can go here.

Weather & Toggle Widget - Constantly using 1-2% CPU, killed battery rapidly.
Youmail Visual Voicemail - May cause reset issues.

Moderate issues:
ADW.Launcher - Worked amazing at first, started slowing down my phone later.
AdvancedTaskKiller - Definitely didn't help anything, but used more battery when set to run automatically.

Apps that didn't work as they were supposed to on the Ally:
Blink, HeroLED, DgAlert, and all other LED notification apps - Can only modify the LED's color, flashing frequency cannot be changed.
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for some reason this app would reset my wifes phone several times a day. i was starting to think it was the phone, but after uninstalling it, the phone has not reset itself in months. :thinking: