Apps to SD With latest Resurrection Remix 3.0.4

Hi Guys,
Not sure how many of you use Resurrection Remix rooted roms for Galaxy s2 International, but I have been with RR since 9.6 and it's been great.
I recently tried upgrading to Version 3.0.2 and then to 3.0.3, but I found that Apps to SD was not supported. The option to move to SD didn't exist in 'Manage Apps', so I restored my 3.0.1 nandroid backup.
Has anyone else tried these versions of RR, with Siyah Kernel (so I can still dual boot) ? I see a new update is available to version 3.0.4, but I can't find from XDA threads or ROM information or changelogs whether Apps to SD works with this version.
Of course, I could also do another nandroid and try it, but I hoped someone might be able to tell me if it works OK.



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because jelly bean is so new, may i suggest emailing the devs of app2sd to see if it is compatible first

Jellybean is not an sgs2 supported OS as of yet, so a lot of apps are not going to work correctly

dont forget we are using a nexus OS atm thanks to the very talented devs over at xda


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Hi, and thanks for your reply.
Actually, I don't think it's the problem. RR Ver 3.0 1 is my current rom and it's also Jelly Bean. The problem is that in the later versions there is no option from within the 'Manage Apps' list under settings, when any app is selected.
This is nothing to do with the Apps2SD apps, which all use this inbuilt functionality. No, this comes from the ROM and I fully expect it to be supported again soon. However, as it wasn't mentioned in the change logs I don't know if it is supported again in 3.0.4, so I wanted to hear from someone who has already flashed that version and will know if it works again.


Been using RR 3.0.4 for a few days now, just playing around with it and seeing if its any good. So far pretty good battery life and overall usage is good. I also used to have apps2sd and now it doesn't work with this rom, reading the replys on the apps site and its says "Android only suppots 1st external storage for moving app to SD. On Galaxy S3, the SD card is configured as a 2nd external storage. This is configured by Samsung. Nothing developers can do about this. Please contact Samsung for details." which is a shame cause it was a very good app. I know it says Galaxy s3 but that may also mean custom roms too. So it looks like its samsung that will have to sort it out, not the developer of the app.:(


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Hi, I use RR 3.0.1 on my s2 and apps to SD works. Now on 3.0.4 it doesn't and the only change is the ROM.
Still, you confirmed that apps to SD is not working on 3.0.4 which is what I wanted to find out.