Apps2SD> No Apps2SD


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Is there a way, to go from Apps2SD to NOT using Apps2SD without losing apps or app settings?

The process as I understand it is:

Make a Nandroid Backup (or do you need Nandroid+ext?)
copy SD contents to PC
Wipe phone, Wipe and repartition SD card w/ no ext
replace contents of SD card (while in Recovery you can mount the card, correct?)
flash ROM

The question I have is, will all the apps and settings be in the restore, or will I need to reinstall and set everything up again?


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you would have to...

copy the data from the FAT32 partition to your PC...partition the SD card to only one FAT32 partition.... wipe data... wipe davlik... flash rom... and then restore from the nandroid backup you made BEFORE you started using apps2sd