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Apps2sd on VillainRom 13

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by gate7nico, May 31, 2011.

  1. gate7nico

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    I bought my Hero 2 years ago locked to Orange Spain.
    Last year I managed to debrand it and put the original Htc Hero Rom.
    Now I wanted to try some different rom and went for the VillainRom 13 which seems to be pretty fast and Ive heard of the possibility of Apps2SD which I really would like to be able to use as I live in two countries and therefor use many apps...
    What I did was (step one):

    Install HTC Sync from here
    Download Universal Androot
    Download AmonRA Recovery v1.7.0.1.img – easier if you rename this “recovery.img” when it is on your sdcard
    Place both downloaded files on your SD Card

    Root & Recovery

    Download and install Astro File Manager from the Market
    Open Astro and find and install Universal Androot from your sdcard:
    Select UniversalAndroot.apk > Open App Manager > Install > Settings> [tick] Unknown Sources > OK > Back > Select UniversalAndroot.apk > Open App Manager > Install > Install > Open

    In the app and choose the correct version from the dropdown box:
    Superuser for Android 2.0~2.2 – if you have updated your phone recently
    Superuser for Android 1.5~1.6 – if you have refused updates recently or your country/provider hasn’t released one yet
    Then choose: “Root ”
    Wait until it says “Woot ! Your device is rooted !” and exit the program.
    Download and install Android Terminal Emulator from the Market
    Run “Terminal Emulator” the program and type in the following:

    su [enter]
    flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery.img [enter]
    reboot recovery [enter]

    Your phone should now restart and place you in recovery mode. You can also do this manually by turning off your phone and press Home + Power to turn it back on.

    Then (step two):

    Note: This part of the guide can be repeated with as many different rom’s as you like. You do not have to repeat the previous section once you have a recovery image installed.

    Download a Custom ROM from here to your computer (some available at GSM HTC Hero | Hero.VillainROM.co.uk)
    Make sure your phone is in recovery mode (Home + Power)
    Plug your phone into your computer and select “USB-MS toggle” in recovery Place the Custom ROM on your SD card in the main directory and press Home when it has finished copying over

    Select Backup/Restore > Nand backup > confirm with Home > Wait
    (or Nand + Ext if you have A2SD setup)

    Press back then select Wipe from the main menu, then select:
    Wipe data/factory reset > Home
    Wipe cache > Home
    Wipe Dalvik-cache > Home
    Wipe SD:ext partition > Home
    Press back button
    Select Flash Zip from SD Card
    Select the file
    Press Home to confirm
    Note: Ignore any “errors”, they are normal and usually mean you’re not using that feature.

    Once it is done, select Reboot and you will boot into the new Custom ROM.

    Then (step three):

    Note: The radio deals with your signal levels and connectivity.

    Download the latest radio from the following page
    N.B. Radio’s are not region specific! Just get the latest

    Mount your SD Card so your computer can read it and place the downloaded file in the main directory
    Turn off your phone and boot into the recovery screen (holding Home + Power)
    Flash Zip from SD Card
    Pick the radio.zip file and press Home to confirm
    Your phone will reboot a couple of times but when you’re back on the Recovery Screen just press reboot system now and it will complete the install and put you back into your custom rom.

    When this process has completed reboot the phone and you should have the new radio.

    And finally (step four):

    ONLY RECOMMENDED ON CLASS 4+ SD CARDS. Don't bother if you don't know what this is . GIYF.

    Do this process after doing everything else! So make sure you have a working custom rom installed which supports Apps2SD. This is designed for VillainROM which doesn't use a swap, if your ROM does support swap ask for a recommended amount. Also note that (by default) the ext2 partition will be unreadable from windows or through android os.

    1. Backup your SD card to your computer (very important as this process will wipe all the data on it)

    2. Restart your phone into recovery mode (Home + Power)

    3. Select:
    Partition sdcard
    Partition SD
    Press Home
    Swap-size = 0 MB
    Ext2-size = 512 MB (recommended)
    FAT32-size = Remainder
    Press Home

    4. Once complete Reboot system now and wait! This can take 20 minutes or so to complete, so just keep waiting!

    My problem is that after doing step four (Seting up Apps2sd), my Market disappears and I cant install any apps and I would like to install apps to SD...

    Please, I would appreciate any help!

  2. gate7nico

    gate7nico Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Please... someone has got to know :)
  3. gate7nico

    gate7nico Lurker
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    Well, since no luck, changed for cyanogenmod 7 nightly, but not stable at all and battery drainer...

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