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Appsi sidebar 1.4 released

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by nickmartens198, Jul 29, 2013.

  1. nickmartens198

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    Last weekend I released version 1.4 of Appsi Sidebar.

    Appsi is a sidebar. But it has much more options than the others out there have. By default, appsi will show all apps and an unlimited list of favorite apps. Everything can be configured to your choice. You can:
    Set a wallpaper for the sidebar (any image on your device)
    Backgrounds can be tiled or mirror repeated.
    Choose between a light and dark theme
    Set the transparency of the sidebar and the backgroud seperately to create interesting new effects.
    change the size of the icons and the text.

    Besides that Appsi can be extended using plugins. You can use plugins for Contacts, Call log, SMS messages, Agenda and Settings, including a toggle for bluetooth, mobile data, WiFi etc. And even more plugins are coming soon.

    In case you have plugins, you can search through all plugins right away, just type whatever you need in the search box and it will find anything from contacts to apps to appointments.

    Get Appsi on Google Play


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